Love is all speaking tonight love is all in our eyes together we feel together we kill difference between lust & sin, kiss me all over let the breathe gets wild show me the darkest side of all the sweet pain topped with naked truth & lie.



Lost in dream of bliss a full moon night, you & me playing hide & seek with twinkling stars,tinkling beats between heart & eyes, Beautiful mesmerizing eyes holds all beauty of tempting night eludes mischiefs of my mind The delicate touch of lips entwined with sweet smile like taste of honey for lifetime, Swiftly advancing … Continue reading Bliss


Adhkule hotho mein dabe zasbaato ke darmayan ke koi baat dafn hai, charaag tale andhero ke madhosh surmayi nazro mein ek khwab dafn hai, lafz do inhe ke hawao ka rukh badle kuch hum behke kuch ishq mehke. अध्खुले होठों मे दबे जस्बातो के दरम्यान के कोई बात दफ्न है, चिराग तले अँधेरों के मदहोश … Continue reading Lafz..