A hindi poetic piece inspired from a lovely saying "Do not ask for the destination when the journey is beautiful" Phoolo ka murjhaana toh yaad raha Zindagi ka taraana hi bhool gaya Yaad aaya ab yeh ki safar mein hai hum Safar kabhi kahi humsafar nahi rehta Manzil ki talash mein ek kadam jo thehra … Continue reading Karwaan


Beautiful Task

Starving to quench everlasting guilt I decided to immersed my thoughts in ink Gulped all poisonous past Raised a toast for beautiful task Feeling better as I came out of masks Dwell all hidden pain in fire of smoke & heavenly elixir drink.

Baking Success

Success is like baking a cake unless you have correct receipe, its not going to work. The ingredients must be of fine qualities with right proportion, you cannot overbake it.Once you have right receipe, you start iniating towards it.With proper practice and the occassional disaster, it becomes a lot easier. Remember cakes are for life … Continue reading Baking Success