The day you left me alone in panaromic dark night to fetch ananymous starlights, I am still searching for my moon In this hell black sky till the last breath of my life! -prashantt



After a long break when writing seems to be mandate....🤔😋 Something i have never thought before about your persona of timeless beauty these mysterious spy eyes, engulf with thousands of treasures inside the more I try to evacute the secrets the more I reach out to doors that silently letting me helpless on bay of … Continue reading Thought…

Women..A Call of Progress & Change!

Women are integral part of our lives, playing an important role & acting as an unseen power of belief and confidence to us in face of mothers, sisters & friends with their selfless love, blessings & wishes. They made us change and it is the time to change the world for them, take a step … Continue reading Women..A Call of Progress & Change!