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Happy Mother’s Day!!

This is for all you sweet Mothers present out all are awesome and words fall short to depict motherly love. Stay blessed,stay happy!! For the first love of every child... Happy Mother's Day💞😇


Thinking of you..

Late at night when the world is sleeping I am thinking of you it is all dark here around me come and usher sweet morning, Hope gloats, hope floats. either your way or just away the moon seems to be... Continue Reading →

Main (I)

Lost somewhere in the crowd Don't know where i slept Time has stolen time from me I've lost myself somewhere in me

An Art…

Tell me, how many among this crowd  felt the sweetness of strange art i saw a beautiful woman  with a lonely heart longing to fly away  to gulp all blue, I saw a beautiful woman young & fair,curly hair Soft... Continue Reading →


खामोशियों में  रहे, खामोशियों के सवाल  जवाब आस पास  रहकर भी आस पास फासले हज़ार, तू सो जा ए दिल अँधेरा बहुत तेरे शहर में  के अपना यहाँ कोई दिखता नही  जो दिखता है वो अपना नही!


I found love in misery When i dipped untold emotions Engulfed in distant lost feelings I see you in every sweet rhyme Poetry that bring back smiles & the moment of fights Poetry that left moist dry eyes All these... Continue Reading →


Whenever the feelings of my insight scatters over the pages Gardens of my heart incensed  from your reference, Words will get wrap in  fragrance of your love You seems to be accepted in my all wishes. -prashantt


Love is somewhat like you It is not a constraint but my weakness It makes me smile,also makes me cry It used to come near to me,also keeps distance It makes me restless,also conciliate me It makes me feel loved... Continue Reading →

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