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Lost in dream of bliss a full moon night, you & me playing hide & seek with twinkling stars,tinkling beats between heart & eyes, Beautiful mesmerizing eyes holds all beauty of tempting night eludes mischiefs of my mind The delicate... Continue Reading →


Tumhare Bina..


I read so much of hindi poetries in last few days that i cannot stop myself to write on from my pen. Ignition of thoughts really comes from sparkling reads.

Ek Baat…

Right person or Wrong time?

It is said that right things happen at right time and when things won't work in our favour we used to look for excuses or curse on wrong time but never accept the thing that won't happens to us was... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year 2018

Wish you all a very happy & prosperous new year with lots of thanks from bottom of my heart for the continuous encoragement & support.

Good bye!!👍

Lets sign off with a smile Take long breath & forget all the pain for a while, Live the life like it will end tonight So hold my hands for the last time, Legate the souls before the time flies... Continue Reading →


Adhkule hotho mein dabe zasbaato ke darmayan ke koi baat dafn hai, charaag tale andhero ke madhosh surmayi nazro mein ek khwab dafn hai, lafz do inhe ke hawao ka rukh badle kuch hum behke kuch ishq mehke. अध्खुले होठों... Continue Reading →

Zindagi Haseen Hai..!

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