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I could not met her i was dejected i cried & sobbed then i forget as the sunsets are glorious at times but full of lonliness. Loneliness is also beautiful provided one should know the art of enjoying it.



Kambhakt saadgi hamaari andhero ki tabeer hui Talkh mizaz hote to mashoor hum bhi hote.


Whenever deep insight feelings scattered over the pages with pain & warmth Gardens of heart will get incense with sweet & sour memories from your reference Words will get wrap in fragrance of love & you seemed to be accepted... Continue Reading →


I reside away from my own dusk now a days learnt to live robotic life anyways until i flipped through the old adorable days days of childhood,college & days with never be soulmate photographs made me dwell deep down... Continue Reading →


You stepped again in my life like a pleasant rain showers of summers with clear blue sky, I still remember you left me alone the times when i needed you most nevertheless my love is still pure I can withstand... Continue Reading →

I Am Alive..

First collab writing with prolific poetess Priya Agarwal , do visit her page to read more amazing words from her pen. Lost somewhere inbetween work, desires, goals, losses & running an extra mile, She was tired enough of keeping fake... Continue Reading →

तुम (Tum)

एक उम्र बीत गयी एक जमाना गुज़र गया तेरे साथ गुजारे पलों का पैमाना टूट गया वादों और बातों में बनी थी जो यादें तेरी उन यादों का फ़साना छूट गया मोहब्बत के सुर तो थे बेपनाह तुमसे तुम क्या... Continue Reading →

मुलाकात (Mulakat)

Safar ek tarafa mera mohtaaz nahi manzilo ka ke jaana jaha hai wo jaha acha nahi lagta haseen raasto par chalna hamari fitrat mein nahi basta mulakat intezaar mein hai aur hum un aankho ko dhundhte jinme sukoon hai chain... Continue Reading →

Lets walk again..

Lets walk again towards past the moments cherished together relations bloomed shortly then crushed hard endeavor the magic of feelings hold my hands for once till last, Dip down deep in the ocean without any artificial masks carefree lost in... Continue Reading →

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