Baking Success

Success is like baking a cake unless you have correct receipe, its not going to work. The ingredients must be of fine qualities with right proportion, you cannot overbake it.Once you have right receipe, you start iniating towards it.With proper practice and the occassional disaster, it becomes a lot easier. Remember cakes are for life … Continue reading Baking Success


Smile Please☺

A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks. It is something that is worth nothing to anyone until it is given away. A smile cost nothing but it creates much.It enriches those who recieve it without impoverishing those who give it. It happens in a flash and the memory of it may last … Continue reading Smile Please☺ alluring lie!

Pondering upon the dream of last night I tried hard to catch a beautiful spy there's none of her kind I lost in abstracts of her magical sigh, Innocent heart wandered all around deep down the immense tireless oceans & over the mysterious hollow panaromic sky, Finally..on the lonesome shore in the middle of dark … Continue reading alluring lie!

Women..A Call of Progress & Change!

Women are integral part of our lives, playing an important role & acting as an unseen power of belief and confidence to us in face of mothers, sisters & friends with their selfless love, blessings & wishes. They made us change and it is the time to change the world for them, take a step … Continue reading Women..A Call of Progress & Change!

Save the Date – II (Short Story)

Recap: Shubh has his own set of mindset about marriage and accompanying his best friend Tarun on his wedding with Surbhi, he reached Jaipur for destination wedding where he was introduced to Shruti by Surbhi like it happened for first time. 👉Click here to read the first part Save The Date - I Take 3 … Continue reading Save the Date – II (Short Story)