Everyday Mother’s Day❤

For the first love of every child… Sweet, caring, always close to you and stood behind you with same devotion & love whether it's thunderstorm of unbearable problems or showers of joy, lap wherein you'll forget all pains and wake up to see her loving face...medicine of .every cause, MOTHER. Make her feel special everyday … Continue reading Everyday Mother’s Day❤


Bhangarh Trip..its not always scary!

Bhangarh, among one of the most haunted places in India as well as in world where the ruins of beautiful fort holds a disastrous past. Rajasthan holds glorious history of its golden past hidden somewhere in walls of magnificent forts & castles in every nook & corner. Nestled around the aravalis of Alwar district of … Continue reading Bhangarh Trip..its not always scary!

Rajasthan Safari -III (Enroute Ajmer- Pushkar Hues)

If you are on a Jaipur visit then you can add two more worth visit places to your itinerary Ajmer & Pushkar,situated at proximal distance of 120 kms. from Jaipur.In recent years footfall of domestic and foreign visitors increased in this places due to divine pilgrimage importance and surreal enviroment that would left you awestruck. Ajmer-Pushkar on … Continue reading Rajasthan Safari -III (Enroute Ajmer- Pushkar Hues)

Navaratris & Excursion to Dussehra at Delhi-6

So the winters are knocking with blues of festivity and as the nine days of Navratris knocked the preparations of celebrations begins with their own way in different parts of India with joy & happiness. The post is all about the beauty of Navaratris & its way of celebrations in different parts of India with … Continue reading Navaratris & Excursion to Dussehra at Delhi-6

Rajasthan Safari(Exploring Pink in Sandstones:Jaipur II)

re In my last post Rajasthan Safari(Jaipur-I) i present a glimplse of Jaipur and its facts with a brief of on its culture,places of tourism interests,festivals and the best time to visit.This post will feature details of major tourist places,festivals and it colourful bazaars(Markets). "Jaipur"the capital of Rajastan and well known as "Pink City" is … Continue reading Rajasthan Safari(Exploring Pink in Sandstones:Jaipur II)

Rajasthan Safari(Exploring Pink in Sandstones:Jaipur-I)

Oops this is not Pink..but it reminds me of my best unforgettable days & memories in this wonderful city.Warm welcome in my style with a traditional greeting "Khama Gadi"(Greeting of the day) Before falling into the details (posting soon on next post)i will be throwing light on some interesting facts about Jaipur,an overwiew on its … Continue reading Rajasthan Safari(Exploring Pink in Sandstones:Jaipur-I)

(Gokarna-III) Beach Trekking

Gokarna located on the western coast of India is one of the seven important Hindu pilgrimage centers in India. Gokarna is famous for its beaches and shrines. Known for its unspoiled and rustic nature led us plan a trek along the Arabian Sea. Trek from Kudle Beach to OM Beach  We were staying near to … Continue reading (Gokarna-III) Beach Trekking