The day you left me alone in panaromic dark night to fetch ananymous starlights, I am still searching for my moon In this hell black sky till the last breath of my life! -prashantt



After a long break when writing seems to be mandate....🤔😋 Something i have never thought before about your persona of timeless beauty these mysterious spy eyes, engulf with thousands of treasures inside the more I try to evacute the secrets the more I reach out to doors that silently letting me helpless on bay of … Continue reading Thought…

“Silent Defiance” a poetic beauty

I am so glad to announce that my favorite instagram poetess bud is now published poetess with her first book on floor. The book is blend of lovely verses for all poetry lovers. The book is available on amazon and you can have this book on your shelves by clicking here 👉 Silent Defiance You … Continue reading “Silent Defiance” a poetic beauty