Broken Notes!

Two words of rejection
after a decade of relation
it was your call of selection
the proposal of uninvited love
i still remember..
A special note of thanks for
too much of love you made to me
too less time you took to break me..
Collapsed, scattered at times
pieces by pieces picked up
once broken difficult to join..
Now that you’re again knocking
on unfixed carcass of old shrine
like offering bagfuls sweet poetries
after throwing bottle of poisonous wine
i tried to forget all your ad hoc love
however you’re still in heart & mind..
I don’t know whether i still love you
as i turned my soul to completely new
I wish if i could bring back the past
the stolen memories & the affection for you that remain long last,
Its still your refection in my heart all around that you can see
you can find everything here
but it will never be me.

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36 thoughts on “Broken Notes!

  1. twinklingwords says:

    Woah! Prashant, this is perhaps one of your best poems♥️it was so damn beautiful and heartbreaking. Perhaps would have broken everyone a bit who read it with an open heart. The last line! Spellbound 😊

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  2. anamikaisblogging says:

    Felt the pain of the broken heart. Written so beautifully, there is a poignant feel to these lines. I think only you can write this well the pain of the heart and yet the lingering love and memory of the special moments with the special one.
    “Must have been love, but it’s over now” by Roxette rang in my ears while reading this poem. This song comes in Pretty Women. It’s a beautiful song, if u have not heard, try once, all the lyrics are meaningful and related to the pain of break up.
    A lovely creamy sugar icing for this heart touching poem of urs.
    How was ur day Prashantt ji?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Prashantt says:

      Thank you like always for showeing the sugar rain, i’ve seen a short movie based on similar concept before writing this verse.
      And you’re here again with a lovely song and that is reason i longing for your feedbacks now 😉😉
      My day is thik thaak…how about you?

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      • anamikaisblogging says:

        My day was not bad at all. I was kind of expecting u would come visiting, but u are excused as you had a teek tak day only . It’s always great to connect with music lovers. Have u heard this song, if not i can send you. If a short movie can effect u so much to write such well poem, i wonder, what can a real heart break would do to you. Let that never happen to you. God forbid!

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        • Prashantt says:

          Bonjour & I am so sorry Mademoiselle, i was kinda lost yesterday due to excessive work load however i can see you excused me. I had read it but i will come back to you at evening for sure with some suggestions so that you’ll make it positive in competition next time.
          I remember a dialogue from one of my favorite movie “sangeet tute hue dil se nikalta hai”..
          Have a beautiful day ahead to my sweet enhancer 💐🙋😇

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          • anamikaisblogging says:

            Bon jour Monsieur,
            Oh, I will wait for that mail. I was looking for some constructive suggestion.
            Aut aapne bilkul teek suna. Sangeeth hein hi aisi cheez jo tutte hua dil ko aaram dethein hein…. You take good care of urself, Have a good day at your work Prashantt ji.

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