Two words of rejection
after a decade of relation
it was your call of selection
the proposal of uninvited love
i still remember..
A special note of thanks for
too much of love you made to me
too less time you took to break me..
Collapsed, scattered at times
pieces by pieces picked up
once broken difficult to join..
Now that you’re again knocking
on unfixed carcass of old shrine
like offering bagfuls sweet poetries
after throwing bottle of poisonous wine
i tried to forget all your ad hoc love
however you’re still in heart & mind..
I don’t know whether i still love you
as i turned my soul to completely new
I wish if i could bring back the past
the stolen memories & the affection for you that remain long last,
Its still your refection in my heart all around that you can see
you can find everything here
but it will never be me.

Pic Courtesy: Google