Right person or Wrong time?

It is said that right things happen at right time and when things won’t work in our favour we used to look for excuses or curse on wrong time but never accept the thing that won’t happens to us was wrong…

“I fell in love once
i fell in love twice
thank you beauties
you taught me lesson
now i have the tricks
to make another try
Lets repeat the mistake again
let me fall in thrice”


14 thoughts on “Right person or Wrong time?

    • prashantt says:

      Thank you Laura for reading & sharing your thoughts, i agreed timing is everyghing, yet mostly not however every time becomes right when we take positives from it as it is also said Time is the best teacher😇
      Thanks for this link, i will definitely check it out as i more keen towards writing & reading short stories.
      Pleasure connecting to you.
      Keep writing📝😇

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  1. twinklingwords says:

    Wow this was deep and touching sarcasm and pain. A lot of times it’s the wrong person as well. Right/wrong time, be it anything but a wrong person turns everything into ashes. Keep writing and have a nice day😊

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    • prashantt says:

      Hey! How’re you doing, i hope everythings is fine now at your end.
      Its just a realisation weaved over words, we cannot have hold on time however choice of person always stays with us.This is a series of some posts i posted on instagram.
      Have a great week ahead!!

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