Let’s Ask life..

Collab work with amazing wordsmith & poetess Sonia Motwani Always had fun while working with her and pleasure sharing space with her.

Follow her for amazing poetries on linkwithink.wordpress.com

For the smooth roads
Never produced an excellent drivers,

Nor the ocean without depths

Had ever witnessed survived divers,

Its all about pushing yourself

Stretching to another end

And meeting the innerself

The real struggle isn’t with the one outside

Its always the one breathing within

Lets live life a little more

Lets travel this adventure called life

Taking a road less travelled…

-Sonia Motwani

Lets ask more from life

niether joys & success 

nor the wishes of fake desires

i need pain with strokes of fire

that made me tough 

energy to feel livewire,

Need no clue for targets to follow

want to make my own way

no matter if its hard to swallow,

Sweetness of success hides

somewhere in bitterness of efforts

lets ask more from life!!



25 thoughts on “Let’s Ask life..

  1. Smita Ray says:

    I believe that even if we don’t look for pain, we have to go through it. True for each mortal. It is inevitable. Being alive means we are not perfect and we have to learn lessons and keep improving. For perfection means ultimate disintegration or liberation. Then why looking for pain after all? Let us see how to make it worthy and enjoyable in a way that adds to our pride and not shame. Hope I am not making it too lengthy. Very well written. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • prashantt says:

      Thanks for reading & getting it prrfectly,nothing is lengthy when it comes to express your feelings and i am glad you like it.You’re absolutely right..life is to enjoy every bit with our pride without any regrets and i really appreciate your gesture,it really means a lot to me.Thanks once again πŸ™‚


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