Baaki hai(Something’s Left)

dhuan udd gaya rakh abhi baaki hai
dhal rahi hai shaam raat abhi baaki hai

dil me mukhtalif khyaal hazaar sahi

ankahee dastaan panno par abhi baaki hai

mehsoos hue janib kareeb yahi kahi

aankho ke paimane mein yaadon ke jaam abhi baaki hai.

धुआँ उड़ गया राख अभी बाकी है 

ढल रही है शाम रात अभी बाकी है 

दिल मे मुखतलिफ ख़याल हज़ार सही 

अनकही दास्तान पन्नों पर अभी बाकी है 

के मेहसूस हुए जानिब क़रीब यही कही 

आँखो के पैमानों मे यादों के जाम अभी बाकी है 

Smokes blew off though ashes are left

evening is fading off though night is left

May be there are thousands of variegated thoughts in heart though

untold story story is still left to be on the pages

I feel the presence of dear somewhere here though

spirit of memories are left in the goblets of eyes.


42 thoughts on “Baaki hai(Something’s Left)

  1. unsaid words says:

    Bohot khoobsurat prashant ,these days you are writing more urdu stuff and all of these are amazing loved it:).
    I have been reader of urdu magazines which had collections of urdu short novels ,so I have loved urdu words and expression since childhood 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • prashantt says:

      Thanks a lot,actually all these stuff were written on single day just posted seprately.I only read Gulzar in context to urdu as i loves his style of writing.Glad you liked it,try writing it..its an amazing experience.Have a nice day ahead 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. novelistbaba says:

    khwaaishein kuch, nakaam abhi baaki hai
    ankhon ke wo maikhaane na rahe……
    par suroor abhi baaki hai.
    logon ko galafehmi hai ki
    chalak gayi hai mai saari palkon se,
    dil me magar, dard ka sailaab abhi baaki hai

    khoobsurat sher……..! bahot khoob!

    Liked by 2 people

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