इंतज़ार.. (Wait..)

इस मोहब्बत-ए -दास्तान मे हमारा वादा तुम्हारा इरादा कुछ यूँ रहा 
हम तो सफ़र तय कर गये तुम्हारा इन्तेज़ार ताउम्र रहा !

Is Mohabbat-e-dastan mein hamara vaada tumhara iraada kuch yun raha

Hum toh safar tay kar gaye tumhara intezaar taa umar raha.

My promise & your determination seems so in this tale of love that

I covered my journey & left down with your lifelong wait.



21 thoughts on “इंतज़ार.. (Wait..)

      • writeshefali says:

        😂😂😂 when someone gives an explanation, then I become even more doubtful…. Well Urdu has its charm…. At one point of time I loved it so much that I use to watch Pakistani serials because of it…. You should write more in Urdu, you have flair for it…

        Liked by 1 person

        • prashantt says:

          Haahaa….you sounds more girlish & its Navratri time so no evil karmas for some 3-4 days more😂😂
          Its a hot topic here in india to ban Pakistani actors in present scenerio & i follow Gulzar & Piyush Mishra only if talking about urdu…i like appreciation on writing in this language so thanks a tonn 🙌

          Liked by 1 person

          • writeshefali says:

            I am girlish didn’t I tell this in one of my post 😜… Anyway coming to the topic of Urdu…Definitely Gulzaar is d best n I like Javed Akhtar too…Pakistani actors ban should b done till we settle things between our countries, film industry is no exception…Looking forward to more Urdu writings from you 😊👍🏼

            Liked by 1 person

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