So the winters are knocking with blues of festivity and as the nine days of Navratris knocked the preparations of celebrations begins with their own way in different parts of India with joy & happiness.

The post is all about the beauty of Navaratris & its way of celebrations in different parts of India with a glimpse of my Dussehra excursion(2014) in one of the most popular sights of Delhi-6(Red Fort).

Navaratri Celebrations

Godess Durga and her Nine Manifestations

India is a hub of cultures,diversity and so is its festivals.We welcome winters with the warmth of festivity commencing from Navratris,conjunction of two words “Nava” means Nine & “Ratri” means Nights so it is a celebration of nine days where hindu deity Durga and its incarnations are worshipped for nine days for health and prosperity.The festival is celebrated with sheer joy in traditional manner in different regions of India.Huge Pandals(Display of Idols) are the way of celebration of Navratri in West Bengal known as Durga Puja whereas Garbha Dance with dandiya sticks is popular in Gujrat so its all over celebrated with different form of joys in India.After the nine days of Navratris comes the Dashami, the tenth day, which is the day of the famous festival of Dussehra or Vijayadashami stands for Tenth day of Victory. This is the day Lord Rama had killed Ravana, symbolising the victory of good over evil.

Dussehra is celebrated to signify the victory of good over evil,the day when God Rama triumphed over Demon Ravana and gets back his wife Goddess Sita.Ravana kidnapped goddess Sita for revenge as God Rama and his brother Laxmana refused to get married to Shoorpnakha(sister of Ravana) and Laxmana axed her nose but with the help of God Hanuman and his monkey friends Lord Rama get back his wife goddess Sita after big battle in Lanka and so this day is celebrated as VijayaDashmi.

This festival has its own fun and charm to me since childhood as it welcomes to my favorite season winters and other charm is Ramlila.Ramlila is a shorter version of epic Ramayana depicted in many parts of India in nine nights before Dussehra although its is losing its charm in this modern era of technology and sudden change still it is popular in some parts of country.On the last day of Ramlila,the effigy of Ravana consigned to flames by Lord Rama.

My Excursion to Festival & Food…Delhi-6 Dussehra

Travelling goes in same page with sumptous food only and being a hotelier it is must for me.

Since i heard a lot about grand celebration of this festival at Red Fort and Old Delhi is always been my favourite spot to visit as many times as i can so I decided to stepped up for this venue with not to mention food kiosks were in mind.The place was crowded as expected but I reached well in time at evening.

Entrance Gate

The place was bifurcated for two celebrations and atmosphere was full of life with rides,magic show,circus specially to gather children attention,what makes me excited was the USP of this place that is the food stalls.


Giant Wheel the eye catcher for the kids

Popular food ventures and specialities of city gathered here for ten days to serve food delicacies under one place for every palette.I made my attempt at every stall as they kept the dignity of hygiene and cleanliness more to my expectations that I bother mostly when checking out street foods but that reminds me of initiative of our honourable PM’s initiative of “Swach Bharat”.




Though it was hot during evening so I choose to start with two hands full chuski (Shaved/crushed ice served with different flavours of syrups).


I love most Rajasthani stall serving Dal Baat and Churma(Traditional baked breads with lentils dal and sweet crush breads mixed with jiggery) ,the speciality food of Rajasthan whereas Chinese cuisine in indian style captured the most of the crowd but the most encountered stall for food remains winner The Chaat and Gol gappas as no one can compete with women empowerment for love of this delicacy in any part of India.

Then I visited to the place where effigies of Ravana,Kumbhkarana and Megnath kept as the attraction of the place is also its fireworks and it was awesome indeed though its very hard manage my position in crowd still I captured some pictures and videos as souvenir of memory.

DSC_0073  DSC_0055


So i hope you like reading this and will recommend you to plan your next year Dussehra for this venue…its all about fun,food & celebrations & that’s how we enjoy life!!🙂

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