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Khama Gadi

Before falling into the details (posting soon on next post)i will be throwing light on some interesting facts about Jaipur,an overwiew on its culture,places of tourist interests,festivals & best seasons to visit in brief.

Picturesque Pink City

Interesting Facts

The picturesque capital of Rajasthan,Jaipur reflects its Rajput culture associated with warm hospitality from its Pink colour at every nook & corner of the charming palaces & havelis constructed with sandstone.
In 1876,the sandstones were coloured pink on the visit of Prince of Wales & Queen Victoria to celebrate the warmth of Rajputana hospitality and from that moment onwards it became famous as”Pink City”.

This is the only planned city of its time in India constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in year 7727 and the city is encircled by comforting wall & architectured by bengali architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya.

The city has so many tales to tell behind every fascinating craft of Palace,Fort,Museum, Garden & monument.

Located at about 260kms. from New Delhi and 240kms. from Agra,Jaipur forms the third point of the Golden Triangle after Delhi and Agra(Popular tourist attractions in northern India).

Apart from delightful architecture of historic beauty of forts & palaces the city is popular for its timeless appeal of colourful Gems,handicrafts and jaipuri quilts.

Places of Tourist Interest

Apart from above mentioned places the city has more places to discover with colourful bazaars(markets) offering best of Rajasthani handicrafts,gems,food & enthralling experience thatΒ will beΒ feature in next detailed post of Jaipur tourism interest places.


The mesmersing colourful sky with no escape to fly among the different shape & sized kites,slumbering & staggering dancing people all around,beautifully decorated elephants marching on city streets or the marriage procession of gods are the glimpses of Jaipur which makes the city a must visit destination during festival celebration.

Although each & every festival is celebrated here with equal enthusiasm but some festivals have thier own charm of celebration in Pink City.

Best Time to visit

Jaipur enjoys the moderate type of climate,summers are very hot with maximum temprature reaches upto 43-45 degree Celsius and mimimum 34-36 degree Celcius whereas winters are cool & pleasant with maximum temprature of 26-28 degree Celcius and minimum 15-18 degree Celcius,therefore best timevto visit Jaipur is October-February.

Details of tourism interest places with festivals,food and culture will be in next post.

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