A micropoetic collaboration on Words and the process of thoughts going on mind while penning a wordcraft combined with random imaginations,memories & experiences of wordsmith to bleed ink into beautiful poetry/story.

Collaborated with amazing poetess & bud Sonia Motwani ,a published poet and reviewer.Visit her blog(linkwithink.wordpress.com) for wonderful reads.

Immortalising the forever bond
Of the love deeper than an eternal pond

Spilling ink on the blank sheets of heart

Treasuring it as an inseparable part

Dancing on the rhyme of the poetry

Let’s carve an undying mystery.  

– Sonia 

Caffeine in my nerves
thoughts on my words

music on ear buds

lets quench the eternal thirst

Carve a story that will touch hearts

pages has pain that hurts

love that happened first

a tangy laughter that bursts

unbearable bleeding crust by crust