3 day quote challenge(Day-1)

Hello Friends!! i hope you’re having a good day.It was a very inspirational week as i restarted working over my book with hands on some travel articles and i also restarted writing travel articles on Wp.I am grateful for lovely response over recent travel blog series.

 I was nominated by profound wordsmith My valiant soul for this challenge some days back.She is among one of the best versatile wordsmith i’ve ever read either in prose or poetry writings,visit her blog for amazing reads.

So here is my quote for Day 1 followed by the rules of this challenge.

I prefer to present quotes from my pen so here is my quote for the day 1

“The power of realistic dream is more stronger than unrealistic goals of life”

Do dream,dream big & dream beyond possibilities but its bad to do daydreaming beacause it’ll lead you to wrong direction & you will end up with making unrealistic goals those are as fake as day dreaming.

My nominees for day 1 are:


Sweta Ojha


Have a great day ahead!!



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