(Gokarna-III) Beach Trekking

Gokarna located on the western coast of India is one of the seven important Hindu pilgrimage centers in India. Gokarna is famous for its beaches and shrines. Known for its unspoiled and rustic nature led us plan a trek along the Arabian Sea.

Trek from Kudle Beach to OM Beach

Beautiful Kudle Beach

We were staying near to Om Beach so the idea is to initiate trekking from Kudle beach.We decided to a take a ferry from the OM Beach to the Kudle Beach and tread on foot from the Kudle Beach. However, to our dimay there was no ferry in views so without any further delay we started treading from Kudle beach. 

Hill terrain along kudle beach

We made our way through a hilly terrain to reach the Kudle beach. We took our route through the hills to reach the next beach. One must watch out for the rocky beach path. It was a small trek on a muddy rocky path to reach the OM Beach.  

Arial view of Om Beach(3 or ऊ shape is visible clearly)

As one approaches the OM Beach through the rocky terrain you will find a staircase that leads down to the OM Beach. The OM Beach looked like ‘3 or ऊ shape’ from top to bottom. However, the beach names ‘OM’ has been kept after the hindu sacred incantation ‘AUM or OM’. 

The beach is very popular among tourists and offers many water sports here with this we find the famous Namaste Cafe that is serving mouthwatering cuisine here & we took our energy bites here.
The beach was so soft that it felt like we were walking on a layer of unhardened chocolate. As we sauntered by the beach. To lighten up the situation I came up with the idea of trying some sand writing and the writing has to be completed without the waves came again & washed your litrature over sand turf.

Namaste Cafe

Trek  from OM Beach to Half Moon Beach

Half moon Beach

This trek is adventourous bedded with rocks. Up the cliff, the path to Half Moon beach is not very clearly marked. The forest is thicker and walking paths can only be recognized by the usage. We took the rocky path adjacent to the sea, walking on the barren hill can be tough and adventurous. After the long and tiring walk we reached the Half Moon Beach. Half Moon beach is named after its shaped which resembles a half cut moon. 

Pleasant..away from rush half moon beach

Half Moon beach is a virgin beach and less popular with a majority of travelers. This beach is a perfect spot for peace and nature lovers. 

Trek from Half Moon Beach to Paradise Beach

Paradise or Full Moon Beach surrounded by rocks

With no designed trail to reach the next stop, we ventured further with our trekking. The path to Paradise beach is surrounded by the rocks. After the brief walk amidst the rocks we reached the Paradise Beach. 

The distance from the Half Moon Beach to Paradise beach was not much. This is small but beautiful beach.

Trekkers along the paradise beach

The beach is enveloped by natural beauty and the best is to enjoy swim and sunbathe there. Marking an end of our trek, we plunged into the beach and rejuvenated on the sand and relaxed.  

We took on delectable aroma floating from the kitchen of Namaste Cafe as we walked back from enthralling trek experience.

At Gokarna you cannot expect to have branded stores lying on streets but some local shopping is always good when travelling around any place.The market in Gokarna means a street with several colorful shops selling religious & spirituals souveniers like Trishuls, Mythological books, artifacts, brass lamps etc. and really nice decorative items made of seashells.I bought Kallusakkare, a kind of local sugar candy & mini trishul which is best for this memorable day spent in Gokarna. 

Pic Sources:Google & iphone6📷

“We must travel out to learn,experience & find the real adventure of life”

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this series of Gokarna.

Let’s experience some warmth of hospitality,heritage & culture somewhere in reminiscences of forts,palaces & people of Rajasthan in next series.(Rajasthan Safari)


Travel places,write your story,eat healthy,stay fresh & blessed…

Smiles to your way😊



9 thoughts on “(Gokarna-III) Beach Trekking

    • prashantt says:

      Thank you Shefali!..the place with beaches,waterfalls, temples like every aspect of fun is here so whenever you’ll be headed to your home,visit gokarna.Bdw have you ever been to Rajasthan?? I’ll be writing on it after some days too😉Have a nice day ahead.🙋

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      • writeshefali says:

        Been to Mount Abu that’s about it… Not explored Rajasthan to the core so looking forward to what you have in store 😉…
        Have a stressless week, will keep a check on your blogs 😊👍


        • prashantt says:

          Mount Abu is wonderful with art & craft of temples & Nakki lake,this is one state i travelled a lot almost everywhere..haha..i hope to have stressless week and you do have a wonderful week ahead!!😊

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  1. meshellebrown says:

    The pictures are beautiful, though I don’t care too much about hindu religion, because I’ve been raised in the Christian religion all my life and to worship the god of heaven. But some of the other stuff that was mentioned in
    words was beautiful. Godbless you all. Sincerely, Meshelle Brown

    Liked by 1 person

    • prashantt says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog & yes,i stress morever towards the aspects of a traveling in one place thats not so popular in our country.I am glad you like the experience i shared here and welcome you to pay a visit in our country.Thanks for connecting and have a great time ahead with all grace of almighty.


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