Set me free!!

Distract,dismissed fade away

is that love story

she hasn’t know the truth

the real one’s & the crooks

maybe that’s the reason behind my worry,

deepest dark in world everywhere

like something precious lost while

searching for brightest star somewhere,

those unsaid feelings

remained unfold

suffering of unknown guilt

made me all alone

malign consequences part us

truth still on lips untold,

I gained difference in confidence

beyond all other lies

my love for you is prominent

your contempt is burden

that I cannot manage to hold more

I want to put down this baggage 

to get rid of this misery acting 

like unfold mystery,

so I am drawling a song

with a reason

to immaculate wrong myths

& easy for you to take prompt decision,

after this nothing remains contradictory

either I’ll keep sweet history

or love will set me free.


9 thoughts on “Set me free!!

  1. Isolated_girl says:


    Memories don’t leave you
    Anyday anywr!
    They follow like shadows!

    Even the shadows leave u in darkness
    But memories r alwz faithful

    And wat I have learnt is
    We need those memories
    To keep going on…

    : )

    Liked by 1 person

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