Don’t Ask….

Don’t ask me how…?

Don’t ask me when..?

I still know how to dance in the rain.

Don’t ask me where..?

Don’t tell me here…

I still know how to show the dare.

Don’t ask me which..?

Don’t tell me this…

I still know the paths to ditch.

Don’t greet me Hi!

Don’t say me Bye!

Don’t ask me why..?

I still know come whatever not to cry.

The thing is that

I never get sad.

This is my life, if I ruined it,

I still know how to make it right.

There were some reasons

Gone all those seasons,

When the sun was set and the moon was bright

Luck was dark and the fate was dry,

Now the key is that, confidence is mine

I still know how to make it shine.

I am not agiver, I am not a quitter

Will bounce back again as I set myself free,

I still know all winning traits

Better will everything again just wait & see.