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Today I am posting a scrap from my personal experience that gave me a lesson towards honesty,dedication and direction for working in any stream of life.

What will you choose if given with
a choice to be a dreamer or writer ??

I choose to be a dreamer who is eager to put down every colour of sheer desire on the canvas of book in form of writing.
It all begins with hobby of travelling & writing,putting down the collection of memories with my best friend my travalog,not to mentioned it helped me a lot on proffessional front as i belong to hotel industry and it feel humble everytime interacting with people of different region,culture & nationalities as i find it as exchange of knowledge.
Some years ago,i met with a script writer who came for a reasearch work,writing on a romantic genre and i was amazed to see his dedication towards his story,i had some intraction with him and told him about my passion for travelling & writing.We had a long conversation on this topic but the catchpoint was the words i realized today.He told me to be a good writer niether perfection on words nor experience of working for ages required,the only initial thing is to Dream and then how to relate those dreams with others and then the process of knitting thoughts and words begin for a story and if one feels he/she is living in story,i call it as honest attempt.

I knodded my head countless times as honestly speaking i was not getting his views gently but after some years i gave on my hands on storytelling(not seriously) and was enjoying on it until and accidently i came across on bigger platform of publishing venture where the Chief Editor selected my short story for Editors Choice catagory with five other stories though i was not the winner of that catagory but i got some suggestions from Editor himself which reminded me of the writer i met long ago.
Editor told me that there were some grammatical errors and the story was written in hurry as it was not your honest attempt because you was not living with your story.Those words gave me a sense of realization and moral for lifetime to do every work with honesty and to provide a life to your work one has to live with it.

Presently i am working on story assignment based on romantic genre and last night i felt for the first time the words of that writer
and editor when i took a short break from writing and sketched down cover for this story…..this is somefthing they said called living with work.

P.S.: “Will find you someday…life” is the story chosen by Editor and i got the strength to write better after “Somethings…beyond love” as it stands under top 5 stories from as all genres.

Here I am sharing the sketch…


Thanks for reading & πŸ™‚