My mind has no doubt when i choose to watch Haider for commencing my weekend but i was surprised as the movie reached more than my expectation to me,one of the best movie i ever seen.

I came back with magnificent movie experience along with mesmerizing snow covered peaks and glimpses of natural beauty of flora & fauna from the land known as Heaven on Earth-Kashmir valley,a mysterious unrelieved concept or plot and the creativity of director for portraying and projecting Shakespeare’s masterpiece “Hamlet” which is not a cup of tea for everyone but Β Vishal Bhardwaj has done the justice with it.

The movie is undoubtedly a treat for authentic movie lovers,i mentioned authentic because somewhere i felt it is lacking on commercial value front despite of it the catch up of the movie is the contribution of brilliant performance of every single actor casted in movie.Tabu playing mother’s role to Shahid is the strength of the movie whereas Kay Kay Menon articulates his brilliance once again,Irffan made his presemce felt in a small role and Kudos to charming shraddha with her gripped performance and the soul of the movie is shahid kapoor portraying title Haider,proved once again his presence to industry as it is one of the remarkable performance of shahid after kaminey.

Altogether credits to director for crafting this sheer brilliance masterpiece and made us realize the growth of Indian Cinema over the years although its not easy to swallow people relating it and boycotting Haider by relating it with political issues and also taking it as insult of Army as it is a just a movie based on theme of Hamlet whereas movie maker pays respect to Army with message on completion of movie for rescuing the flood stricken masses in J&K.

P.S. : Love to see the movie and recommend to watch for wonderful movie experience