In the journey of exploring world of words.

Where the rainbow ends!!

I want to sit beside you till i breath lasts just want to make you smile whatever be phase & paths, I thought i would share that how much i care the little things you likes I thought i would... Continue Reading →



Let’s Write…

Do not hold the wandering emotions let them untie, Do not mould the unsaid feelings let them undie, Do not let unknown pain cry instead make them free to smile, Do not unfold an unfinished story lets make another try,... Continue Reading →

Long time…

kaafi waqt guzra tere chehre ke deedar paaye Jigar mein lakh ankahe afsaane khamoshiyo ke darmayan hamne they chipaye nazaro mein intezaar ek mulakat ka jo milo kabhi toh tumhe batlaye.. काफ़ी वक्त गुज़रा  तेरे चेहरे के दीदार पाये  जिगर... Continue Reading →


Life is game of twist and turns Infused with trick of luck & magical vibes Eloped under probabilities of surprise Until you show all the cards For the rest of eyes, It's better to be fool of foolishness By letting... Continue Reading →

Love Notes #10

Lets go through to love lane Once again.. Let her make feel jealous Let me feel jealous too.

After a long..!!

 I see you after a long  oh! girl you're changed  but the feelings of my heart & soul remained unchanged, you sat across the crowd of thousands yet lonely deep down from heart, your eyes have paled hairs have lost... Continue Reading →

Love Notes #9

One stop for the journey of life belongs to you  ends with last beat of heart... Don't ask for the destinations, everywhere its unconditional love!

Intezaar(इंतज़ार )

Kaha kaha dhundha tumhe library mein kitaabo ke peeche se canteen mein seediyo ke neeche se cinema hall se rangeen malls mein disc ki anjaani bheed mein thirkte kadamo ke beech mein iski uski har kisi ki partiyo mein bina... Continue Reading →

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