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The Mask

World is a beautiful stage of disguise blessed are the souls act arete,wise and survives... Mask over every face with deep secrets hidden inside in epitome of illusions & dillusions it is impossible to recognise beneath soul & heart what... Continue Reading →


Beautiful Task

Starving to quench everlasting guilt I decided to immersed my thoughts in ink Gulped all poisonous past Raised a toast for beautiful task Feeling better as I came out of masks Dwell all hidden pain in fire of smoke &... Continue Reading →

All about you💕

Let me fall in your eyes Let hold you for a while Let me feel your embrace Let me freeze this day Let me live in this moment, There is nothing beautiful in this world I feel perfect in your... Continue Reading →


एक बँद कमरा है ख्वाइशों का बँद खवाब के दरवाज़े और खिड़कियां है ऐश ओ आराम बिखरा हर तरफ़ फ़िर भी साँस आती नही,दम घुटता है आसमान दिखता नही साफ यहाँ से पर ज़माना तालियां बजाता है दिखावटी रेनबसेरों के... Continue Reading →

The Closet

Sharing a wonderful essence of present & past emotic memoir ride in form of beautiful poetry by lovely sister Neelam. Check out her blog for more such beautiful verses on this link Neelam I opened an old closet It was... Continue Reading →


Love is when my pain melts in your embrace & life tastes bitter,sweet, soft but alive just like your favourite chocolate.


Eyes reflect most of the hidden secrets in heart and mind.Everything is beautiful if beauty resides in eyes of the observer.

Bhangarh Trip..its not always scary!

Bhangarh, among one of the most haunted places in India as well as in world where the ruins of beautiful fort holds a disastrous past. Rajasthan holds glorious history of its golden past hidden somewhere in walls of magnificent forts... Continue Reading →


Love is all speaking tonight love is all in our eyes together we feel together we kill difference between lust & sin, kiss me all over let the breathe gets wild show me the darkest side of all the sweet... Continue Reading →

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